With over 200 years of tradition and history, Guabello is dedicated to the production of fabrics of excellence. D.O.B.G, Denomination of Guaranteed Biellese Origin, is the acronym with which Guabello identifies its fabrics as 100% MADE IN BIELLA.
Artisanal care, creativity and respect for the environment are the company’s hallmarks.
Guabello’s portfolio consists of pure wool articles like the CONNOISSEUR Super 120’s, the
ONETHIRTY Super 130’s and the
ONEFIFTY Super 150’s.
Special machinery installed in Guabello’s finishing department, enables the company to produce fabrics of incomparable lightness. Thus, luxury fabrics including mohair, wool and silk blends as well as Guabello’s precious cashmere is offered. For the most demanding customer, Guabello provides the exquisite Super 180’s, carefully selected 14.75 micron ultrafine wool.


Marlane is a dynamic and proactive company from Biella, renowned for its Customer focus, reliable service, timely and meticulous selection of classic and innovative fabrics.
The collection consists of a vast range of fabrics, in pure wool or wool blends with a choice of refined fibres, appreciated for its excellent quality/price ratio and effective interpretation of stylistic codes. The Marlane collection with its prominent Extrafine Merino, Primatist Super 100’S, Vaticana Super 120’S, available in various weave patterns and rich colourings, both solids and patterned, are the cornerstone of the collection. Officina is a line dedicated to creating „leisure chic“ and „upper casual“ style clothing, a non-conventional use of fibres, including wool.


Tallia di Delfino:
Fratelli Tallia di Delfino, founded in 1903, a world-renowned brand that is highly regarded for its high-end menswear fabric and its mastery in the production oft the finest luxury suit cloth. A profound expertise in researching and selecting the world’s best raw materials such as precious Australian wool and the finest cashmere from Mongolia is combined with innovative technology to produce refined fabrics that are water-repellent, crease-resistant and antibacterial.
Fabrics labeled „Napoli“ are the company’s core business. Suits and jackets made from clear-finished super 130s, super 150s or silk, cashmere and mohair blends.
Furthermore, Tallia di Delfino offers the 360, a comfortable and practical collection of fabrics, the Prestigious, a modern luxury fabric, the Gold Collection, an extreme luxury capsule collection and the 24K for made to measure clients, that involves gold for textile applications.


Tessuti di Sondrio (Marzotto Group):
Tessuti di Sondrio began production way back in the second half of the 1800s, when the Swiss industrialists Spelty and Keller set up a spinning mill in Sondrio to expand their activity in northern Italy. In the first half of the 1900s the number of employees reached significant peaks, the workers employed in this sector accounted for almost half the total number of workers employed in the manufacturing industry in the Sondrio province.
In the end of the 1980s the company experiences an inflow of capital and fresh impetus to Tessuti di Sondrio’s competitiveness and innovation from the Marzotto Group.
The Collection is subdivided into Tessuti di Sondrio and Dalsasso. Tessuti di Sondrio contains innovative, colourful cotton blends, combined with silk and cashmere and with diverse finishes.
Dalsasso, modern wool and cotton fabrics re-interpret the quintessential spirit of the finest sartorial culture.


Nuova Tessilbrenta:
Nuova Tessilbrenta, produces stretch fabrics with a classic denim look and unique innovative finishes. For more than 50 years, the company follows a philosophy of unceasing research into new fibres and new processes. This is, to produce flat cotton with high stretch performance and perfect construction as well as garment-washed effects, bright colours, innovative techniques and lighter weights.
The company’s products stand for tightly woven fabric that is highly resistant with abundant ultra fine threads and guarantees excellent wearability and comfort.
The cotton driven collection also contains linen, viscose and innovative fibres like Tencel and Modal. NTB’s fabrics are simple, stylish and dynamic, 100% Made in Italy.


Tessitura Monti:
In the middle of the 1800s, Giorgio Monti produces,
in his home workshop, quality fabrics that he sells on public holidays.
His ability and enterprise generate rapid growth.
In 1911, the three Giorgio’s sons officially establish the Monti Brothers Company.
The firm has twenty hand-operated looms and
three automatic looms, and employs
fifteen internal workers
and another fifteen home weavers. Over 100 years later, Tessitura Monti is one of the world’s leading weaving mills specialized in textiles for shirt making.
Tessitura Monti offers is a diverse, innovative, multi-coloured collection of impeccable quality that ranges from techno cotton to silk and linen blends, up to precious Sea Island Cotton from the Prince Rose line. Important to mention is that Monti is the first company in the history of shirt making to offer a service of fabrics available for immediate shipment from our warehouse: Pronto Monti. Additionally, a made to measure service is offered.


For Estethia G.B. Conte, quality, research and sustainability are key words. This is why the company teams up with certified laboratories and local suppliers such as Linificio e Canapificio Nazionale and Filivivi, to reduce environmental impact, always in strong synergy with the Marzotto Group. The company’s fabrics are highly flexible and present specific characteristics obtained through particular finishing treatments that can be modified and adapted to the needs of the customer.
The portfolio contains Estethia which are brushed wool and wool blend fabrics, mono-stretch and bi-stretch, both melange and piece-dyed, with attention to the finish as well as wool raw and yarn-dyed fabrics for cold and spray garment dyeing.
G.B. Conte offers a vast selection of carded and worsted fabrics woven with fancy yarns, jerseys and boiled wools. In the Braghenti line, linen has the starring role, pure or blended with other natural fibres, like cotton and silk, to create fabrics with a cool hand feel.


ITS Artea:
ITS Artea (Applicazione Resine Tessuti e Affini), founded in 1947 and based in the Como Area, represents the uniqueness and creativity, the Italian fabric is famous for.
Being already an innovator regarding textiles, different types of finishes and special effects of dying, ITS Artea constantly keeps developing innovative products.
The company was the first to produce coated fabrics on an „industrial“ level and thus marking a new era in the field of textiles, creating new chemical applications previously unknown.
ITS Artea is recognized as the best in its field and collaborates with the most demanding customers that can be found worldwide.
ITS’ diverse, multi-coloured collection consists of natural fibres such as cotton and linen as well as specially developed techno cotton and with Resina finished products.


DEX, founded in 1993 in Osaka, has been unceasingly presenting fabrics of Japanese Origin. The company has a simple and distinct policy, and focuses mainly on the European Market. Thought is based on innovation and reliance, both required for the fashion world.
DEX’ fabric collection mainly consists of synthetic textiles created by excellent yarns of polyester, triacetate and some others. They are sometimes applied by particular finishing to express renewed and sophisticated touch. Other additional fabric line is, of course, natural fabrics created by cotton and wool. They are compact weave constructed by fine yarns and suit contemporary clothings.


Compagnia Tessile – Tuskania:
Compagnia Tessile is a vertical integrated company, based in the area around Florence, Italy. The company, originally known as Carpini, was founded in 1939. It is largely present on international markets, however, constantly references the creativity of the domestic market and continuously updates its output in terms of product types and quality.
Its products are distributed with the trademarks Compagnia Tessile and Tuskania and are strongly characterized by high design content and high performing features. The company is an expert in the field of carded and worsted wool and new materials like linen and cotton. Lately, new products at the medium high level, shirtings and special fabrics for luxury sportswear are produced alongside an extensive offering of fabrics in pure cashmere.



Ratti (Marzotto Group):
Established by Antonio Ratti in 1945 the Ratti Group is one of the leading companies in the international luxury textiles industry manufacturing fabrics such as silk and other natural fibres and accessories for women, men and home furnishing. The Company has been listed on the Milan Stock Exchange since 1989 and now produces around six million metres of fabric a year, cooperates with the most successful fashion labels and employs about eight hundred people.
The Collection is split up into Ratti Donna, printed, plain and yarn-dyed fabrics for luxury women’s clothing such as skirts, trousers, shirts and dresses, but also shoes, handbags, underwear and beachwear.
Ratti Uomo designs and produces printed, plain and jacquard fabrics for ties, scarves and shirts for high-end men’s clothing.
Ratti Casa are fabrics for upholstery, curtains, cushions and home accessories and Ratti Accessori deals with printed, plain or jacquard foulards, shawls, scarves, beachwear and underwear manufactured on demand or manufactured and distributed under licence.


Redaelli, Niedieck (Marzotto Group)
Redaelli, Niedieck – Marzotto Group is the Velvet division of the Marzotto Group and presented three Brands.
Redaelli Velluti Collection is the specialist for velvet in the premium range for mens- and womenswear. There you will find the highest quality blends of cotton with viscose, cashmere or other precious fibers.
Niedieck Collection represents young, sporty corduroy and velvet with innovative blends and new finishing for men and women at competitive prices (from 8,00 to 11,00-12,00€).
Girmes complete the portfolio with a wide range of eco-furs with the new Girmes Logo including Copyright.